Comfortable boarding for wheelchair using passengers

Fast and safe passenger transfers, to and from all economy seat types and most business class seats, without any manual lifting by airport staff. On both sides of the aircraft cabin, and all the way to the window seat.

With the Prevalis PRM Transfer Lift it can all be done, safely and fast.

Manually lifting PRM passengers, Persons with Reduced Mobility who need full assistance, requires excessive physical effort from airport service staff, resulting in potentially detrimental consequences, such as back problems and sick leave.

Most wheelchair users who need full assistance experience manual lifting transfers as undignified, unsafe and invasive, sometimes to the extend that flying is not an option anymore.The PRM Transfer Lift can eliminate both issues, for airports and passengers.

Prevalis is a brand of Special Mobility.

Safety and dignity for the wheelchair using traveler

A safe, fast and dignified way to help PRM passengers into or out of their aircraft seat without any undesirable manual lifting, and the risk of injury for both the passenger and airport service staff.

Relieving airport staff from strenuous manual lifting

No more repetitive and heavy manual lifting of PRM passengers. Safer and easier working conditions in compliance with Health & Safety at Work regulations, resulting in less sick leave.

Boarding time efficiency

Developed for safe, fast and easy deployment in all commercial aircraft types. No additional time loss on aircraft boarding times, and a professional and innovative appearance for airports and airlines.

The PRM Transfer Lift

Developed and produced in The Netherlands

The Prevalis PRM Transfer Lift was developed over 3 years in The Netherlands.
After extensive R&D how to fit in all main aircraft cabins, designing the precisely milled aluminium parts and getting the ease of use and comfort of the lifting sling just right, this handmade product has now been extensively tested and trialed in the main commercial aircraft types.

Height: 1560 mm.
Width: 1150 mm.
Weight: 45 kgs.
SWL/WLL: max 200 kgs.
Battery: 24 volts / 1,1 Ah (40 full lifts minimum)
Class 1 Medical Device
CE marking


Lift the passenger out of the wheelchair

The PRM passenger is easily fitted with the specially developed Prevalis sizeable lifting sling, and lifted out of their own wheelchair, right at the aircraft door.
The passenger is comfortably sitting in the PRM Transfer Lift sling while 2 airport service staff transfer the passenger into the aircraft.

Fast transfer through the cabin aisle

The PRM Transfer Lift wheelbases are adjustable to be able to transfer through any narrow aircraft aisle. The passenger is transferred to his or her designated seat row fast, safe and comfortable by 2 airport service staff. There is no need for the extra transfer into the aisle wheelchair anymore.

Seat the passenger in the aircraft seat

The PRM Transfer Lift can be adjusted to any seat pitch, and can reach almost all economy and business class seats. The passenger is easily lifted over any fixed arm rests to his or her aircraft seat, even if this is the window seat.

Turnaround times do not need to be affected. Boarding with the PRM Transfer Lift is just as fast as manual lifting, when performed by trained service staff.

Designed for use in the main commercial aircraft types, via jet bridge or platform ambulift.


Proudly developed and produced in The Netherlands


Airport service providers, airports, disabled travel organizations and airlines can contact Special Mobility for any operational and technical support regarding the PRM Transfer Lift, request user manuals, book staff trainings, book maintenance trainings, and make additional orders of PRM Transfer Lift accessories like lifting slings and threshold ramps for aviobridge or ambulift use.

Proudly developed and produced in The Netherlands


Reviews left by airport staff and supervisors, and PRM passengers and their company:

Scott Hopkins

Gatwick Airport Ramp Supervisor

“At Gatwick Airport we have been using PRM (person with reduced mobility) passenger hoists for many years and have highly trained staff to operate hoists. The Prevalis PRM Transfer Lift completely changed our way of using a hoist on a PRM passenger and we were amazed of just how simple the PRM Transfer Lift works. It made lifting a PRM in a hoist a lot more stress free for both the passenger and our staff.”

Barbara Manning

South Africa Paralympic Team

Having recently traveled with a disabled person I was shocked to see how airlines deal with someone who is unable to walk and get to their seat in the plane. But at Schiphol Airport, a team of people from Prevalis were at the plane docking bay with a PRM lift to get him off the plane. What an experience to see Shaun (who by the way not only cannot walk, but also has only one arm) being strapped into the harness, gently lifted out of his seat, maneuvered into a position on the cradle of the unit where he could safely be taken down the aisle (we were seated on row 26) without bumping and banging him into any other seats or obstacles. He was transferred into his own wheelchair with no hassles and any rough treatment.
The gentle and dignified manner in which this apparatus allows him to be handled is the way things should be done.
Once again thank you SOOOOOO much for the way in which you handled Shaun, allowing him to feel like a human being!



At Special Mobility The Netherlands we are working hard towards more inclusive air travel for everyone. We try to make the good work that service providers do when assisting PRM passengers to their aircraft seat safer and easier by eliminating all manual lifting during the passenger transfer. Are you a service provider, an airport or an airline representative? Please contact us now for more information:

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